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PostSubject: Becoming a member   Becoming a member I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 25, 2008 8:14 pm

I welcome anyone wanting to join our guild. I have some guild goals and expectations listed below and may add at anytime as we need or see fit.
I want this guild to grow and be the best we all can be. I have thoughts of one day owning the dungeons like everyone else I'm sure.

The Guild's goal's and Rules are simple but yet straight to the point and are as follow's:

1: Have fun with each other.
2: Help each other in need if at all possible; I do understand life, family duties and such!
3: Have guild events.
4: I like to have members to DP as a guild and not have to depend on global needs to DP!
5: We do have a Ventrilo servier. Please use it!!
6: Tough it out as we grow.
7: Own Dungeon

Guild Rules
Revenge of Abyss

Recruitment/New Members:
● The minimum lvl requirement to join RoA is 80+
● All new recruits must apply for guild membership via RoA forum.
● Recruits will NOT have forum access until decision is made on acceptance.
● Probation period for new members is 1 week.

Guild Chat:
● RoA is our "home away from home" and as such, everyone should respect each other. While in guild chat, let's be aware that others may not share our points of view. RoA includes people from all over the world, with different perceptions, ages, backgrounds, and histories. Explicit talk of sensitive topics is not encouraged. Some of these would include: drug usage, ethnic slurs, and extreme sexual behavior.
It is not the intent to limit expression, but rather for each of us to be considerate of our other guild members.

PK (player killer):
● PK is not generally encouraged.
● If you’re being pked you are allowed to defend yourself. That does not mean you can run around pking that person whenever you meet, or pking their friends/guildys. It will be counted as “Random PK’s”.
● If you are having repeated problems with a player pking you, you should discuss this with the guild, we have our guild relations expert that will help you with the problem.
● Always print screen (conversations included) when you’re being pke’d, or pk’ing someone.

● Random PK’s are discouraged and will result in a “3 strike” policy:
- 1st strike = Warning
- 2nd strike = Warning
- 3rd strike = Kick from Guild
● Exceptions:
- PK in dungeon and or players using stamina saver (SS) = 2 strikes.
- “Mutual” PKs (agreement of both parties) is excluded from this policy.
- Horizon Bridge PKs are excluded from this policy.

Account Sharing:
● Account sharing is not generally encouraged. It can lead to disagreements and difficulties. However, if someone chooses to share his or her account, it is the account holder’s responsibility to manage this.
● If the account is shared with someone out of guild, this may pose special problems. We ask that he or she state their name in our guild chats with the “name” option when on so that we can be aware of a visitor to our private guild chat.
● Any sharing of an account with someone outside of RoA that results in harm to the GUILD can result in the members being banned from RoA. This includes information about sieges, etc.
● Please be aware that our guild chat is really for RoA members only and that not everyone may have good intentions.

Alts (Other characters not mains):
● One alt per main is allowed in RoA guild
● Exception: any R5 alt may also be in RoA
● RoA’s alt guild will be active and promoted for all alternate RoA characters (but not required)

● RoA members who are going to be inactive for over 2 weeks or more are requested to inform us on forum in the “Inactivity” section.
● RoA members who are inactive for more than 1 month with no notification will be kicked from guild. These members may reapply upon return using our application process.

If this sounds good for you then I welcome you and anyone that wants to join!!

Please write an application so that we can see that you are serious about joining.
You don't need to create an account on the forum to write an application, that will be sorted out later on.

Copy and paste this to your application.

Revenge of Abyss

Player Name:
Previous Guilds:
IRL Name:
Active Timezone:

What made you leave your previous guild?:

How active are you? (Hours per day / days per week):

Does anyone else know your game account info?

Why do you want to join Revenge of Abyss?:

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Becoming a member
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